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Trampolining is a fun and healthy way to keep fit for young and old alike. It is a great way to help reduce stress, promote fitness and improve circulation. it is for burning up calories. At Gerry Croffey Lawnmowers, we carry a full range of BERG Trampolines & Accessories. Call in store now for our best deal on a BERG Trampoline! 

We also stock a range of covers to protect your BERG trampoline, keeping it free from leaves, dirt and moisture. 

For details about our BERG trampolines please call
090 9688840 or 087 2348687 or send us an email for more information

BERG Favorit

Play Safely:

Children should be able to play freely with their toys without having to worry about their safety. That's why at BERG Toys safety is not open to discussion. Firstly, our high quality standards ensure that our go-karts and trampolines will keep going for  years. Furthermore, during the development phase we keep a close eye on the safety of our products during usage. In addition to the safety tests performed by BERG Toys itself, our trampolines are regularly tested for safety by independent testing bodies in Europe.


Child Safety And Supervision:

In the interests of safety, children must be supervised at all times, allowing only one child at a time to use the trampoline. By assembling, maintaining and using the product correctly you can avoid the most significant risks connected with trampolining. Accordingly, we provide thorough safety and assembly instructions for each trampoline. With every BERG trampoline purchased we also provide a free DVD containing step-by-step instructions on learning to use your trampoline safely.

BERG Talent 10ft Trampoline & Comfort Safety Net - Special Package Price €349.
The BERG Talent + Safety Net Comfort is a real BERG trampoline, specially designed for smaller gardens. An affordable trampoline with the familiar BERG quality and which has effortlessly sailed through all the stringent product tests. The six feet provide additional firmness and the included safety net makes jumping extra safe. Get the most from your own BERG Talent trampoline! Diameter: 10ft/300cm Max Weight: 70 kg Warranty: Frame: 5 years; Protective Edge: 1 year; Jumping Mat + Springs: 2 years.

List Prices:
  • Berg Regular Talent 6ft & Safety Net Comfort €229
  • Berg Regular Talent 8ft & Safety Net Comfort €289
  • Berg Regular Talent 10ft & Safety Net Comfort €349

BERG Favorit
The basic model trampoline with all BERG qualities in 4 different diameters. The BERG Favorit is perfect for personal ownership. Weather-resistant and meets BERG's tough safety requirements (TUV, AIB and CE).

List Prices:

  • Favorit 9ft & Safety Net Comfort:  €419
  • Favorit 11ft & Safety Net Comfort: €519
  • Favorit 12.5 ft & Safety Net Comfort: €569
  • Favorit 14ft & Safety Net Comfort: €629

BERG Champion

The BERG Champion is a trampoline with the best combination of quality and price. It is a weather-resistant and durable trampoline that can stay outside all year round. The BERG Champion meets the tough quality and safety requirements of BERG (TUV, AIB  and CE).

BERG Champion 430
List Prices:

  • Champion 9ft & Safety Net Comfort: €629
  • Champion 11ft & Safety Net Comfort: €779
  • Champion 12.5 ft & Safety Net Comfort: €839
  • Champion 14ft & Safety Net Comfort: €939

BERG Favorit Tattoo 

The world's first trampoline with a unique game (TATTOO) on the jump mat.

List Price:
  • Favorit Tatoo 14ft & Safety Net Comfort: €669

BERG Elite Red

The BERG Elite is a trampoline of the very best quality and therefore suitable for personal as well as professional use. Available in 3 sizes. Available in colours green/red or grey

BERG Elite 430 red

List Prices:
  • Elite Red/Green/Grey 11 ft & Safety Net Deluxe: €1,149
  • Elite Red/Green/Grey 12.5 ft & Safety Net Deluxe: €1,299
  • Elite Red/Green/Grey 14 ft & Safety Net  Deluxe: €1,399
  • Elite Red/Green/Grey Tatoo 14 ft & Safety Net Deluxe: €1,449
BERG Inground Talent
If you do not have much space in your garden, this very competitively priced BERG Talent Inground Trampoline and matching Safety Net is ideal. The BERG Talent trampoline is of the renowned BERG quality and, with its 20-cm step, is safe and low on the ground. The pegs, which are included, ensure that it is firmly secured in the ground. Brighten up your garden with this great trampoline.
List Prices:
  • Inground Talent 6ft & Safety Net Comfort €299
  • Inground Talent 8ft & Safety Net Comfort €359
  • Inground Talent 10ft & Safety Net Comfort €399

BERG InGround

The InGround trampoline offers a unique and patented solution for people who want to install the trampoline out of sight as much as possible. You can integrate your trampoline into your garden in a neat, ultra-simple and safe manner.

BERG InGround 430

List Prices:
  • Berg Favorit InGround 9 ft & Safety Net Comfort: €459
  • Berg Favorit InGround 11 ft & Safety Net Comfort: €559
  • Berg Favorit InGround 12.5 ft & Safety Net Comfort: €609
  • Berg Favorit InGround 14 ft & Safety Net Comfort:  €669

BERG EazyFit

The BERG EazyFit. Quick and easy to fold away and store. Kids can have fun all day on the trampoline and at the end of the day it easily folds away against the wall or stored in the garage.

BERG EazyStore

List Price:
  • EasyFit (11ft x 8ft) & Safety Net:€929
*All the prices above include safety net. For the prices of trampolines only, contact us on 090 96 88840 or 0872348687 or send us an email. 
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