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Tanaka Grass Strimmers, Brushcutters & Multi-Tools

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Tanaka TBC 2390
The Tanaka TBC 2390 is a new lightweight and easy-to-start brushcutter with plenty of power. It’s driven by a powerful 24c two-stroke engine, featuring a solid metal shaft which is transmitted all that raw power straight to the head or blade. This works to optimise torque delivery, while also helping to maximise the machine’s working time. The all new Tanaka TBC-2390 brush cutter is ultra-lightweight at (3.6kg) and is supplied with a comfort-enhancing single-strap shoulder-harness. The provision of a compact ‘loop’-handle means you’ll have no trouble operating in tight spaces. With the purchase of the relevant accessory, the Tanaka TBC-2390 can be turned into a hedgetrimmer (TPH-200) or power-pruner (TPS-200).Purchase the relevant accessories and you can convert the TBC-2390 into a long-reach hedge trimmer (TPH-200) or pole-saw (TPS-200) (extension-shaft also available).

List Price: €357. 
Our Price: €309.

Tanaka TBC 270PFS
The lightweight Tanaka TBC 270PFS features a powerful 27 cc two-stroke engine and offers one of the best power-to-weight ratios in the brushcutter industry. Comfortable to use for extended periods of time thanks to the Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration technology that includes a padded front handle and a heavy-duty rubber mount between the shaft and engine. 

List Price: €459.
Our Price: €415.

Tanaka TBC 340 
The Tanaka TBC 340 Brush Cutter has a powerful 33 cc Two-Stroke engine with a power output of 1.1 kW, ideal for making light work out of tricky jobs. The Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration technology consists of a rubber mount between the engine and shaft and padded front handles, adding comfort for the user.

List Price: €523.
Our Price: €489.

Tanaka TBC 4200DX
The Tanaka TBC 4200DX was designed to offer a brushcutter that is built for tough jobs but cost-friendly with its powerful 40 cc engine and 1 litre fuel tank . The adjustable double handle means that the TBC 4200DX can be easily stored and transported as well as set at different lengths for different users. 

List Price: €554
Our Price: €509.

Tanaka Multi-Tools
Tanaka TCG 27 EBD/SL (Smart Fit)
The Tanaka TCG 27 EBD/SL is a multi-purpose tool with several different attachments that are simple to attach and detach thanks to the split shaft, meaning you can complete a range of garden tasks in less time. Attachments include grass trimmer, hedge trimmer, mini-cultivator, pole saw or portable edger. 

Comes with Strimmer attachment
List Price: €549.
Our Price: €499.
Mini Cultivator Attachment
  • 0.87 m
  • 2.8 kg

List Price: €229.
Long-Reach Hedge-Trimmer Attachment
  • 1.43 m
  • 2.3 kg

List Price: €259.
Pole Saw Attachment
  • 1.18 m
  • 1.7 kg

List Price: €199.
Portable Edger Attachment
  • 0.84 m
  • 2.3 kg 

List Price: €179.
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