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Husqvarna Automower® 405X


The Husqvarna 405X model is designed for gardens with a medium plot size as well as for gardens with several obstacles, i.e. a more complex lawn. The special features of this robot lawn mower model compared to the previous model are the FOTA, an electrically adjustable cutting height and the X-Line design package. This includes, for example, the Automower Connect module, LED headlights and rubber bumpers at the front as well as GPS-supported navigation. The robot mower's safety features include weather timer, pin code and alarm, as well as lift, tilt and collision sensors. As the Automower 405X is electrically powered, it operates emission-free. Once properly installed, the robot grass cutter does its job reliably, safely and independently. This applies to mowing in all weather conditions as well as to the charging process and the optimised mowing process itself.