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Dormak SH90L Professional Shredder Loncin Engine


The SH90L is the most powerful shredder with the largest cutting diameter from Dormak. It's the easiest to transport and handle, with a redesigned handle for your convenience. It also has increased suction power, and every detail has been carefully thought out.

With a new system of 2 knives and 8 hammers, the suction power of this shredder is better than ever, making the user's job easier. The handle has become more ergonomic, and the chute is new, in addition to a pair of larger wheels, which makes transportation easier.

It reaches a cutting diameter of 80 mm, powered by a robust 396cc Loncin engine, which handles even larger branches without difficulty.

  • Loncin G390FP (396cc)
  • 2 Blades and 12 Hammers
  • Belt Transmission
  • 90mm Working Width