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Lister Nova Single Speed


Lister Nova Single Speed Shearing Machine

The single-speed, double-insulated Lister Nova lets you shear safely and with absolute confidence. The ultra-low starting current makes the Nova ideal for use with either mains electricity or portable generators, and it features a lightweight, durable casing.

  • Lister Nova mains operated 240Vmotor,  complete with flexible drive
  • Lister single speed shearing machine.
  • 1.8m flexible drive (not available with a solid drive).
  • Double insulated for safety.
  • Lightweight robust casing.
  • Operates at 2800 rpm.
  • Dimensions: W: 240mm H: 369mm L250mm
  • Low starting current.
  • Capacitator start for low starting current – 7 amps start, 1.2 amps at full load (2800rpm).
  • 10kg.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK