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Compact, high-performance battery-powered lawn mower

The STIHL RMA 443 is a clever choice if you have high standards for the mobility of your lawn mower. Equipped with high-quality lithium-ion batteries from the STIHL PRO battery system, the lawn mower has high energy reserves. For the economical application of this power, the motor's activatable eco mode offers especially energy-saving operation in combination with the flow-optimised blade. The foldable grass catcher box holds a large number of clippings and is easy to empty. So that you do not expend any unnecessary energy either when mowing your lawn, the STIHL RMA 443 is easy to manoeuvre, relatively light and thanks to the QuickFix quick-clamping device can be quickly and space-savingly stored or transported.


**Set includes AP300S battery and AL300 charger


Work size 41 cm / 16"
Work height 25 - 75 mm
Power 36v
Grass bag size 55L