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With the STIHL RT 6127 ZL ride-on mower, you can work with power and precision on extensive lawns. Even under difficult working conditions, the driving comfort and controls of the lawn tractor ensure that mowing remains time-saving and effortless for you. The large cutting width, the synchronous mowing deck and the intuitive cutting height adjustment via the ergonomically designed control panel ensure consistent cutting quality. Thanks to the high-contrast LCD display, you have all the important ride-on mower functions under control as you mow your lawn strip-by-strip on the driver's seat. With the cruise control function, you can continue driving in a controlled and fatigue-free manner. All the other controls can also be comfortably operated from the control panel The mowing deck can be activated or deactivated via the electromagnetic blade clutch. The catching management system optimizes gathering of the grass blades over the entire cutting width of the machine. With the single-pedal self-propulsion, you can efficiently change the driving direction of the lawn tractor from forward to reverse gear for even more precise maneuvering. The practical bow handle for effortless emptying the 350-litre grass catcher box can be operated effortlessly from the driver's seat. Cleaning the grass catcher box in the "dumper" design is equally simple as it is made from plastic.


Power: 15.6kW / 20HP

Cutting width: 110cm / 49"

Grass catcher bag capacity: 350L